Hertz Car Rental Locations Flagstaff - Pulliam Municipal Airport HLE

Flagstaff - Pulliam Municipal Airport HLE
6200 South Pulliam Drive
Flagstaff , Arizona  86001-9578
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Additional Information:

Approximately 5 miles from the bus station. Service available, please call upon arrival.

Please note: Credit Cards and Debit Cards may be used to qualify at the start of the rental; however, there are some restrictions regarding the use of a Debit Card. To qualify for a rental using a Debit Card, you need to make your reservation at least one (1) day in advance of the pick-up date and be at least 25 years of age. You will be required to present two (2) valid forms of identification and one (1) of the following: (a) provide a Corporate Discount Plan (CDP) number; or (b) proof of a round-trip travel ticket to coincide with the rental dates (airline or cruise ship). You may use a Debit Card without meeting the above requirements if the Debit Card is already included in your Gold Plus Rewards profile, or if the rental is a Replacement Rental through a participating provider. Debit Cards are accepted for final payment at the end of your rental, regardless of the method used to qualify at the start of the rental. Please refer to Forms of Payment in the Rental Qualifications & Requirements.

  • Speciale service op deze locatie:
  • Ophaalservice beschikbaar

  • Luchthaven locatie
  • Hertz Local Edition locatie
  • Pick up service available 1 hour after location opening and up to 1 hour prior to location closing.
  • Het is mogelijk om de auto later terug te brengen
  • Zie kwalificaties en vereisten voor meer details.
  • Gold service balie
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